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YES - to Maija’s Method! Maija is great at helping organize. She has a very patient personality and is easy to work with as you de-clutter.  - Deb

We recently downsized to apartment living from a rather large house we had lived in for 32 years. When first facing the task, it seemed monumental – until we enlisted the help of Maija. With her organizational skills, contacts, energy, and unflagging good humor she greatly reduced the burden of an enormous endeavor. We are greatly indebted to her and appreciative of her help and guidance. Cheers to The Maija Method, and the woman who implements it. 

- Mary & Marshall

Maija was amazing! She helped us sort through furniture and memorabilia from our parents estate in order to close out a storage unit. She offers just the right balance between motivation and consideration of what it means to go through all those items that carry memories and history. You just can't keep it all. We are a busy family and needed the discipline of scheduling a few days with Maija to get the job done. Thanks Maija for traveling to California to help us accomplish our goal, get organized and have a wonderful time as well! Highly recommend her services. She is professional, discrete and very considerate. - Wendi

Union Hill Properties, a Kansas City Luxury Apartment and Condo Complex has opened up opportunities for The Maija Method, listing the service as part of the development's amenities package. Are you an empty nester who is downsizing into an apartment home? Are you trying to organize years of memorabilia for an upcoming reunion? The Maija Method has had experience with projects big and small, from assisting the Nelson-Atkins to small projects like office reorganization.  If you are packing, moving, or downsizing, Maija will assist you in determining your personal and professional goals to create an environment that is organized and free of clutter. - Union Hill Properties

My first experience with The Maija Method can be summed up with the word amazing! I’ve known Maija for years and was very aware of her organizational experience but until I took part in the Method I didn’t know how life changing it would be for me. She put my kitchen together from unpacking, placing items in the right areas, to clean up. I couldn’t have done it without her. Please consider Maija the next time you move or organize any space, I know I will. - Patty

There are not enough stars to describe how helpful Maija has been to our family. Her patient support has been a gift. She recently helped me clear out my office after 15 years of college teaching. - Elaine

I have recommended The Maija Method to many of my clients who want to declutter and downsize. She is patient, organized and very dedicated to her work. My clients have commented on her enthusiastic and friendly approach while getting the job done! - Mary

I've known Maija for years and was relieved that she could help me with some organizing when we moved back into our (remodeled) home last year. She really did an EXCELLENT job. She is diligent and totally committed to the task at hand. I would absolutely recommend her to others! - Britton

When we found out we were having twins, I was immediately freaked out at the thought of all of the "stuff" that would be coming into our home. I knew I needed to purge and organize and contacted Maija for help! She was a goddess and took the stress out of organizing and made it fun! Now that I think of it, I need to have her back... - Stephanie

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