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~ Help others get to a place of a 'de-cluttered' environment and a new lease on life
~ Clients request 'The Maija Method' when they want to do these things but don’t know where to begin
~ Help you through the process of starting, working through the project & completing the project
~ Help downsize, pack and move
~ Help with personal and professional goal, leading you in the right direction

~ Help organize details for packing, downsizing, donating and cleaning
~ Will pack and organize space to move or down-size
~ Keep the time line on track and details in check
~ Make moving as comfortable and smooth as possible

"My husband and I moved two years ago and could never have done it without Maija's organizational skills! We're older people who had a lifetime of "stuff" and didn't know where to start getting ready for a move. Maija came in and very calmly and efficiently went through everything we owned! and had us determine what would be moved, what would be donated, what we'd sell, and what we could throw away. Then, she bagged or boxed up everything, labeling each bag/box as she went and even hauled away a lot of the donations and trash for us. She is a miracle worker and we truly could not have moved in the time allotted - or maybe ever! - without her." - Alice


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